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Code of Conduct
[This Code of Conduct was adopted by member bodies of the TGC at its AGM on 31st October 2010]

All Toastmasters who are members of organisations that comprise the Toastmasters’ General Council are required, as a condition of membership of those organisations, to conform to the following minimum Code of Conduct in relation to their work as Toastmasters.

A toastmaster organisation applying to join The Toastmasters’ General Council must agree to the Code and ensure that all its members conform to the Code when membership to the TGC is accepted.


Members shall at all times conduct themselves with integrity. They shall respect the dignity of their profession and behave accordingly. They should adhere to the rules of etiquette and correct procedure, be polite, courteous, pleasant and co-operative. They should ensure that their actions enhance the reputation of themselves, their toastmaster organisations and the Toastmasters’ General Council and never bring themselves or their profession into disrepute. Furthermore

  • they shall not misuse their authority or office for personal gain;
  • they shall comply with the laws of the United Kingdom or any other Country or State in which they are working, which relate to their civil and professional activities, both in letter and in spirit;
  • they shall not knowingly act in a manner inconsistent with this Code, or knowingly cause or permit other toastmasters to do so;
  • they will respect the business interests of their toastmaster colleagues and only work within the boundaries of acceptable business practice, both within the law and its spirit.

Therefore if a colleague or another Toastmaster deputises on their behalf at a place or with a company, corporate body, client, etc. that Toastmaster shall not try to replace the originator at a future function, or to solicit, encourage or otherwise persuade the employer/ client to use or retain their services over and above the Toastmaster for whom acting. They will be expected to work within boundaries of acceptable business practice and act within the spirit with which the function was deputised, as well complying with the law of the Land in which performing the duty or employment.


Members shall not knowingly, recklessly or maliciously injure the professional reputation or practice of other members of this or any other profession.


Members shall at all times act honestly and in such a manner that clients are not misled. They shall not knowingly or recklessly disseminate false or misleading information in the course of their professional duties.


Members are expected to strive to attain and apply a high level of competence to the efficient performance of the work entrusted to them and to maintain the highest possible standards of the Toastmaster profession.

They will seek to ensure that other toastmasters with whom they may work have the appropriate levels of competence for the effective discharge of their duties. Where shortcomings exist members should ensure that they are rectified as quickly as possible.

They will always endeavour to work in harmony with all other professionals they may work alongside and to encourage those with less experience to attain acceptable levels of professional competence.


Members shall not represent conflicting or competing interests without the express consent of the parties concerned after full disclosure of the facts.


Members shall not disclose (except as may be required by statute or law) or make use of information given or obtained in confidence from their employers or clients, or any other source without express prior consent.


It is the duty of all members to assist the Toastmasters’ General Council and themselves by following and implementing the Code. They will be supported by the Council for so doing.